Hemp Oil | Pure Cold Pressed

₹ 2,485.00

• A beautiful, rich green oil with a mild nutty scent
• Adding hemp oil to your diet as a medicine can provide a rich source of two essential fatty acids
• Hemp oil, containing essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3, can help maintain skin moisture balance and improve skin conditions
• All-natural and cruelty-free formula

Skin Type  All
Why hunLove? 100% Cold Pressed
Fragrance Free
Contains Omega-6
Cruelty Free
All Natural
Best Before Packed 2 years

hunLove Hemp Oil is a 100% Pure Traditionally extracted oil moisturises and nourishes the skin & hair. It is a perfect oil for everyday skincare routine and an excellent source of protein. The essential oil treats hair concerns such as chronic dryness. It promotes stronger healthier hair.

Hemp Seed Oil

Treats Chronic Dry Skin, Moisturises & Nourishes Skin, Treats Dandruff, Moisturises Scalp, Calms and Nourishes the Scalp, Promotes Healthier & Shinier Hair

Moisturise your scalp and hair follicles, making your hair shinier and healthier by adding a few drops to your regular hair oil or shampoo.

For healthy-looking skin, add a few drops of hunLove Hemp Seed Essential Oil to your daily moisturiser.

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