hunLove is an Organic, Natural and Ayurvedic self care brand for the conscious customer of the modern age. We care about one’s notion of self-care and build our products on being true to that notion.
100% Natural, chemical-free and Ayurvedic certified botanicals. The brands haircare, body & skin care products provide the best in personal care.
Ancient healing knowledge and values are brought to you by hunLove our Organic, Natural and luxurious, handcrafted self care products. Chemical free and natural self care are the foundations of the brand. The word 'Hun' translates to 'self' and true to the name we start to our journey from ‘our own self’ to create nourishing and healing self care products with 100% naturally or organically grown and sourced oils, botanicals and minerals. We use the purest of nature's ingredients and all our extracted oils follow natural processes. This keeps our blending natural and nourishing. We are committed to preserve ancient formulations and develop each product to refresh, replenish, and revitalise. 100% chemical and cruelty-free, HunLove is the perfect choice for the conscious customer of the modern age because we believe that it is in nature and carefully followed processes that lies a complete and true rejuvenation of Mind, Body and Soul.