Bodycare: Bodywash + Vanilla and Oud Moisturiser + Hempseed Oil

₹ 3,299.00 ₹ 3,975.00

Discover the Hunlove Essential Skincare Set, a meticulously curated collection designed to rejuvenate and safeguard your skin. This premier bundle includes:

  • Hemp Seed Oil: A lush, green oil rich in omega fatty acids, perfect for maintaining skin's moisture and improving overall health.

  • Vanilla & Oud Moisturiser SPF 50++: Provides deep hydration and SPF protection, enveloped in a luxurious scent that soothes and indulges the senses.

  • Choice of Body Wash: Customize your skincare routine with either the moisturizing and anti-aging benefits of Coconut & Seaweed or the soothing and acne-preventing properties of Neem + Tulsi.

Each product in the Hunlove Essential Skincare Set is crafted from the finest all-natural, cruelty-free ingredients, offering a comprehensive skincare solution for all skin types. Upgrade your daily skincare to expertly formulated indulgence and effective results.

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